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Student Wellness

We Care About Your Wellness

WellConnect is a comprehensive program which includes face-to-face counseling and personalized support services designed to promote the physical and psychological well-being of Davenport students and their household members. 

The WellConnect Student Assistance Program offers a full breadth of services which includes access to in-the-moment support from a counselor and referrals to providers in your community. In addition, WellConnect provides access to resources both by phone and on the WellConnect website. Subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • healthy eating
  • depression assessments
  • family life
  • financial guidance and more

Counseling Services are also offered at the W.A. Lettinga campus to help deal with depression, anxiety and more. 

For more information regarding health and wellness initiatives, contact


Concerned about a student?

If you are concerned about a student's wellness, tell someone! Click here.