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Accommodation Request Process

Student Accommodation Process

1. A student downloads the Verification of Disability form and has their medical provider complete pages 2 - 4. This form can be found on the Student Access Form page. If a student already has a 504 plan or IEP, that documentation is sufficient and the Verification of Disability form is not necessary. 

2. The student uploads the completed Verification of Disability form, or similar medical/religious documentation here to be reviewed by the Student Access Coordinator 

2. If there is NOT enough information to make a determination for accommodations requested, the Student Access Coordinator will request additional documentation from the student to re-submit. 

3. If there is sufficient documentation, the Student Access Coordinator will review all documentation once gathered and create an individualized accommodation plan. The accommodation plan will be communicated back to the student via a Maxient email with the Individual’s Documentation of Accommodations (IDA). Accommodations are valid for one year. 

4. The student provides their IDA to each instructor in the classes the student would like to have accommodations provided.

5. A student can request adjustments to the Individual's Documentation of Accommodatin at any time. Connect with the Student Access Coordinator to do so. Additional medical documentation may be necessary. 

6. Should a student wish to appeal their accommodation plan, they can do so in writing to Dr. Joe Bishop, ADA Coordinator for the University.