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Admission as a Transfer Student

Those applying as transfer students who wish to have credits from another college evaluated and applied to their Davenport degree must have an official transcript sent to the Registrar’s Office. Transfer applicants with a bachelor’s degree from another institution may earn a second bachelor’s degree from Davenport University, provided the curriculum at Davenport University is substantially different from the curriculum involved in the first degree.

Regardless of the number of credits accepted from other institutions, all transfer students must meet Davenport’s minimum residency requirements.

Policies and Procedures which make Davenport University Transfer Friendly

Davenport University:

  • Has articulation agreements with all State of Michigan community colleges. These articulations show how every program offered at the community college fits with a DU degree. Some community college degrees are paired with multiple DU degrees.
  • Has a State wide articulation with all Michigan Career and Technical Education centers as well as many individual program articulations with those same institutions
  • Has extensive articulation agreements with Michigan high schools
  • Accepts all previously earned college level credit that was successfully completed with a C or better grade
  • Will accept in transfer any college level course for which a passing grade was achieved if the student has a completed associate or bachelor degree from that institution
  • Honors all American Council on Education (ACE) approved credit from all branches of the armed services
  • Includes in its undergraduate catalog each year a list of professional certifications pre-approved for credit by each College and will review any other certifications presented for potential awarding of credit
  • Will review all professional licenses and training programs for potential awarding of credit
  • Honors articulated high school and career technical education credit from our partnership community colleges if that credit is part of a completed associate degree
  • Allows students to appeal the transfer credit equivalency if additional information is available regarding actual course content and learning outcomes