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DU Text U

Welcome to DU Text U!

Never forget an important milestone again! Remember to file for FAFSA, schedule classes and pay tuition by receiving text messages from DU. Learn how to manage your settings to receive important DU texts you need to stay on track toward your degree!

Step 1

Update your Primary Phone Type
Select Cell Phone Text & Cell Phone Voice

Step 2

Student ID Number Required for Sign Up
*Please allow up to 24-hours for contact info to be updated.

Update Cell Phone Info Update Subscriptions

Easy Guide to Update Student Cell Phone Info

Easy Guide for DU Text U Subscriptions

Opt In and Out of Outreach Messages

By either opting in or by not opting out, the user is agreeing to transmission of auto-dialed or pre-recorded calls/texts and consents to same. 

By Website

  • To receive any Outreach message, the Outreach box in "Subscriptions" must stay checked.
  • To opt out of a specific Outreach message, uncheck only that box. For example, uncheck the Graduation box if you do not wish to receive information about Commencement.
  • To opt out of all Outreach messages, go to "Subscriptions," click on "Manage Subscriptions" and uncheck the Outreach box.

By Phone - Outreach Text Messages

If you previously provided your cell phone number to Davenport you are already opted in.

  • To opt out of ALL Outreach messages, text STOP DUALRT to 53291
  • DO NOT type STOP or STOP ALL or STOP PORTAL. These codes will remove your number from Emergency messages as well as Outreach text messages.
  • If you have opted out and want to opt back in, text SUBSCRIBE DUALRT to 5329

By Phone - Emergency Text Messages

  • To opt out of Emergency messages, text STOP DUALRT to 23177 or 63079
  • If you have opted out and want to opt back in, text SUBSCRIBE DUALRT to 23177 or 63079