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Your dedication pays off! Partnership Tuition Grants and Discounts at DU.

DU has joined with many local businesses and organizations to help employees and their dependents build additional options for college funding. We help make college affordable through personalizing your financial aid and discount package by comparing the advantages of discounts versus scholarships. Dependents may qualify for up to $4,000/year in discounts!

Who may be eligible for Tuition Discounts? Employees of partner organizations and their dependents or spouse. (Some discounts are available only to the student as the employee, not dependent/spouse.)

  • Discounts for employees/members range from 20%-39% of tuition cost
  • Dependent/Spouse discounts range from 20-25% of tuition cost 

Why choose du?

  • 91% of our recent grads are employed within 6-months of graduation
  • 150+ years of teaching excellence
  • Internship opportunities available and encouraged
  • 60+ career-ready programs with a practical approach to learning
  • 40+ student organizations to support student development and help build their network

Questions? Email or call 800-686-1600 today!

 *Scholarships are merit-based, considering several criteria including GPA, SAT/ACT and club involvement