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Honors Programs

Arts & Sciences Honors Program

Honors Programs

College honor programs are designed to facilitate academic challenges and growth opportunities for motivated students. There are requirements to participate in an honor program that include a high GPA, minimum credit hours earned and specific outside project requirements. In addition, a minimum GPA is required to remain in the honors program. Davenport offers two honors programs for our students. If you feel you are qualified to participate and want to enrich your transcript and resume with an honor program distinction, see the information below to learn more about what Davenport has to offer


The Arts & Sciences Honors Program supports excellence in critical thinking, creativity in applying the Excellence System to a career path, and development o leadership skills through Foundation of Excellence coursework. The Arts & Sciences Honors Program is available to all university students as the corresponding courses are available in all majors. 


The Honors Professional Accountancy program provides students with the opportunity to earn a BBA in Honors Professional Accountancy and a Master of Accountancy (MAcc) in a 5-year period. This program features selective admission with enrollment caps, dedicated faculty mentors assigned to each student, experiential learning projects as part of the curriculum, and cohorts for all accounting coursework