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Curriculum Development

Davenport Curriculum Philosophy

The Davenport University curriculum is profession-focused, dynamic and outcomes-based; it anticipates market demand, is grounded in general education, and is enhanced by the Excellence System.

This philosophy aligns with our mission and the 2025 vision. All new programs and program revisions will follow these principles. The University Curriculum Committee will assess all curriculum recommendations in regard to the curriculum principles and definitions.  These principles provide a framework for undergraduate programs.


University Curriculum Committee Members 2021-22

Irene Bembenista, PhD, Chair Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and Assessment

Jennifer Byron

Ahlam Kader

Associate Dean for Colleges of Business and Technology, Online

College of Arts and Sciences, Faculty / Science Lab Coordinator

Elizabeth McIntyre College of Business, Faculty
Amy Stahley

College of Health Professions, Associate Dean

Brian Kowalczk College of Technology, Associate Dean
Rajah Smart College of Urban Education, Department Chair

Kriss Ferluga

Janet Maschke

Director of University Academic Services

Director of Quality & Effectiveness

Christopher Marx Registrar
Jenni Krueger Senior Record's Specialist
Tammy Stachowicz College of Arts & Sciences, Faculty; DEI Representative to UCC
Emily Hayes Reference Librarian
Kevin Tabler Instructional Designer

Brandi Melkild

Jayne Hayden

Assistant Director of Internships & Experiential Learning

Administrative Assistant

NPD Sub-committee:  
Colleen Thoman Director of Admissions and Partnerships, Lansing Campus
Laura Ayotte Director, Marketing
Lisa O'Donovan Financial Manager
Heather Wieber Director University Compliance/PDSO
Amy Ostrow Director of Student Services
Wayne Sneath Assistant Vice-Provost for Assessment