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PLA for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Prior Learning Assessment Process For Students

You may receive academic credit for a course when you successfully complete an assessment detailing college-level learning you've gained through experience.

DU will consider learning gained through career and personal experience, in job-related activities and community participation, as well as experience based on training from specialized schools or testing programs.

You may complete an assessment for credit any time during the year. It will be created, monitored, and assessed by faculty evaluators, and credit is assigned based on merit. DU's PLA process adheres to the Ten Standards for Assessing Learning as developed by the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL).

To begin the PLA process, students should send their most current resume and list of any professional certifications held and/or trainings completed to:

Dr. Wayne Sneath, Assistant Vice-Provost for Assessment & Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator

The PLA Assessment Coordinator will then review the student's experience with a subject matter expert faculty member in the student's academic program to determine which course(s) could be a good fit for pursuing PLA and then direct the student on the PLA process, requirements, and deadlines.

PLA Excluded Course List:

BUSN 489 & TECH 489 are not available via PLA. Program capstone courses are also not available via PLA. 

PLA Credit Maximums:

PLA for undergraduate programs is limited to 50% of the major courses.

PLA at the graduate level is limited to 9 credit hours.

Process for Evaluating and Awarding PLA Credit:

Subject matter expert faculty evaluate and award credit for PLA assessments using a Common PLA Rubric for performance. Credit awards are procesed by the Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator in coordintation the Central Registars Office.

PLA Cost:

An assessment fee of $130 is added to the student e-bill for each course pursued through the PLA process. 

Further questions about Prior Learning Assessment should be directed to:

Wayne D. Sneath, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice-Provost for Assessment & Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator
Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Davenport University
6191 Kraft Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Phone: 616-871-3968
Fax: 616-554-5225