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Academic Issue Resolution Center


Attendance Appeal

Students who wish to appeal their attendance withdrawal must submit the following form Attendance Appeal Form.

Course Concerns

If there is a concern with your instructor or your course that needs to be addressed, and you have been unsuccessful in resolving the issue with your instructor you may fill out the Course Concern Form.

General Academic Issues

Have a general comment, concern, or feedback? Submit anonymous information here or email

Final Grade Appeal

The purpose of the Final Grade Appeal process is to provide students with a process to appeal their Final Grade. If you wish to appeal your Final Grade review the information on the Final Grade Appeal page.

Reduction or Waiver of Charge

If you have a mitigating circumstance outside of your control which resulted in a charge on your account you can file an appeal for consideration.


If faced with an emergency such as a severe illness that prevents the completion of a course within the session/ semester, students may request an Incomplete, using the Incomplete Request form.

Student Access

Student Access provides resources and support to students with disabilities or those who experience a temporary medical condition or a disability. Student Access Resources.

Student Care

For specific concerns regarding a student well-being, including illness such as Covid-19, or general care and concern, please use this link to submit a report to the Center for Campus Life. Student Care or Concern Form.

Student Conduct

Understand your student rights, responsibilities, and when to report violations of DU policies. Student Conduct Resources

Report an Incident: If you have an incident to report regarding the Student Code of Conduct or general concern, please proceed with this link to file an official report.