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The Davenport University Advisory Council (UAC) is devoted to furthering the University Mission by providing a forum for discussion on ideas, issues and opportunities that will enhance the DU experience for all its constituents - students, staff, faculty, administrators and partners.

UAC Officers
Lisa O'Donovan (Chair)

The Chair presides at the UAC meetings and serves as a member of the University Cabinet to represent the Council on any matters within the Council’s jurisdiction or as requested by the D.U. President. The Chair may call additional meetings as needed.
Marjolijn van der Velde, Davenport University
Marjolijn van der Velde (Vice Chair)

The Vice Chair acts as Chair in the event the Chair is absent or otherwise unable to preside.
Heather Bazner (Co-Secretary)

The Secretary keeps the minutes of meetings and communicates required information and maintains records of the Council.
Vivianne Moore (Co-Secretary)

The Secretary keeps the minutes of meetings and communicates required information and maintains records of the Council.
Lesli Richardson (Sergeant-of-Arms)

The Sergeant-of-Arms is the officer appointed by the UAC to keep order by: (a) attending all meetings, (b) making certain that parliamentary procedures are followed and called to order, (c) adjourning all meetings, (d) being a timekeeper, and (e) ensuring all bylaws, traditions and Davenport University values are respected by participants.
How does the University Advisory Council (UAC) work?

A. We are a forum that discusses university-related issues with every DU area present.  Recommendations are then passed to the Provost and EVP for Organizational Development to give to the President. 

Why is the UAC important? What does it mean for you?

A. We provide a larger forum for you to discuss and suggest, as a group, University issues and solutions. Through your UAC representative, your voice can be heard and bring change to DU.

What is my primary role as an elected UAC representative?

A. As an elected representative, you must: (1) participate in all UAC meetings, and (2) provide up-to-date communication to/from UAC and your functional area regarding UAC meetings.

What types of ideas will UAC consider for review?

A. We can review a variety of issues (examples), though some may be referred to a more appropriate governing body.

What is the process for bringing ideas to the UAC?

A. You can directly communicate with UAC by submitting suggestions.

What is the expected turnaround time?

A. We'll respond to submissions in 1-2 work days with next steps. Often we will discuss it at our next quarterly meeting. Though it may take longer to resolve and/or be passed to a group outside UAC.

UAC Members A-Z
Amy Krevda


Amy is the Director of Academic Services for Davenport University’s Global and Traverse City Campus. More on Amy Krevda...
Bill Perysian

Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga
Bradley Lediard

Student (Undergrad/Grad/Alum)
Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga

Bradley is an International Student in the MAcc program who came to America in 2011.  More on Bradley Lediard...
Brian Holda

Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga

Brian has been the Digital Services Librarian for Davenport University since January 2016.  More on Brian Holda...
Christopher Schoenberg

Risk & Security

Chris serves as the Director of Public Safety for Lansing, Midland, Warren, and Livonia Campuses.  More on Chris Schoenberg...
Clayton Maas

Academics (Adjuncts)

Clayton is your online guide through project management.  More on Clayton Maas...
Derick Fedewa

Quality & Effectiveness
Grand Rapids - Kraft Lake

Derick is a Senior Research Analyst and has over five years experience in the Institutional Research Department at Davenport.  More on Derick Fedewa...
Heather Bazner (Co-Secretary)

Grand Rapids - Broadmoor

Heather currently works as a Transcript Specialist as well as a VA School Certifying Official within the Central Registrar’s Office.  More on Heather Bazner...
Kathy Natelborg (Sergeant-of-Arms)

Human and Organizational Development
Grand Rapids - Broadmoor
Kristi Zimmerman

Student Services

Kristi works as a Senior Academic Advisor at the D.U. KVCC University Center.  More on Kristi Zimmerman...
Lesli Richardson

Admissions - Call Center
Grand Rapids - Broadmoor

Lesli is the Call Center Manager at D.U.  More on Lesli Richardson...
Linda Lamorandier

Career Services

Linda is currently working at both the Holland campus and Kalamazoo/KVCC University Center in the D.U. Career Services Department. More on Linda Lamorandier...
Lisa O'Donovan (Chair)

Accounting, Finance and Procurement
Grand Rapids - Broadmoor
Marjolijn van der Velde, Davenport University
Marjolijn Vandervelde (Vice Chair)

Academics (Maine College of Business)
Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga

Marjolijn is associate professor for management in the Donald W Maine College of Business.  More on Marjolijn Vandervelde...
Rebecca Bartels

Student Affairs, Student Life & Housing
Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga

Rebecca Bartels is a Residence Life Coordinator in the Housing and Residence Life Department at Davenport University.  More on Rebecca Bartels...
Ronda Varnesdeel

Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga
Samantha Johndrow

Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga
Steve Roth

Information Technology
Grand Rapids - Broadmoor
Timothy Pennings

Academics (College of Arts and Sciences)
Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga 

Tim is the Chair of the Department of Mathematics at D.U. More on Tim Pennings...
Vivianne Moore (Co-Secretary)

Academics (College of Technology)
Grand Rapids - W.A. Lettinga

Vivianne currently serves as the Associate Department Chair for the College of Technology’s Global Campus.  More on Vivianne Moore...
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